Trump and Transgender Individual in the Military

President Donald Trump has banned transgendered persons from serving in the U.S. Armed Forces “in any capacity.”  The decision reverses a policy initially approved by the Defense Department under President Barack Obama that allowed transgender individuals to openly serve in the military.  Do you agree with Trump’s action?  Why or why not? Before responding to this question, read the essays and watch the videos posted below. Your post should demonstrate a good understanding of the topic. Be sure to use good English grammar and composition skills. Your response is worth up to 25 points, so be sure to take your time to do this assignment well. Please continue the conversation with your classmates by posting a reply to someone else’s response.  Remember: To receive credit, your post should specifically mention the title, author, or source of at least one of the articles or videos posted below, and respond to at least one of your classmates.   Washington Post, “Military to Begin Enforcing Trump’s Restrictions on Transgendered Troops.”   NPR, “How Trump Administration’s Transgender Troop Ban Is Affecting One Military Family.”  (Links to an external site.)   Jack Turco, “I’ve Treated Transgender Troops for Years.  Trump Is Wrong to Ban them from the Military.”  (Links to an external site.)   CNN, “Trump to reinstate U.S. military ban on transgender persons.”  (Links to an external site.)   David Remnick, “The cruelty and cynicism of Trump’s Transgender Ban.”  (Links to an external site.)   Joseph R. Murray II, “Trump’s transgender ban is unfair but correct.”

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