Two-Tier Wages

Read the following attached document which discuss the case: Two-Tier Wage Systems. They will provide an insight and starting point in developing an approach to your analysis: Objective: Create a report that summarizes the current status of two-tier plans and what we know about how they work. What direction we can expect from them in the future and how stakeholder concerns should be addressed? Requirements: Successful Critical Thinking Exercise will be five (5) to six (6) pages in total length, including the cover and references pages. This translates to 900 to 1,200 words or three ( 3) to four (4) pages of primary content. Cite your sources using APA In-Text Citation  (Links to an external site.)  format, as you have been doing in your discussion posts. Your submission will incorporate the information and knowledge gained in the course addressing the areas defined in the Analysis Questions. Keep it simple.

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