Types of Autos

In a bumper test, three types of autos were deliberately crashed into a barrier at 5 mph, and the resulting damage (in dollars) was estimated. Five test vehicles of each type were crashed, with the results shown below. Research question: Are the mean crash damages the same for these three vehicles Crash Damage ($)   Goliath Varmint Weasel   1,590 1,240 1,070   760 1,430 2,180   890 1,360 1,850   1,980 1,860 1,200   1,220 910 1,950 Total Std. Dev? (only) Nothing more to calculate. Need to have the correct calculated value. These values are wrong: Total Std. Dev Total Std. Dev=Pooled StDev=sqrt(MSE)=sqrt(202790)=450.322 Total Std. Dev=Pooled StDev=450.3226

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