Types of Diversification

Related Diversification. Related Diversification is the most popular distinction between the different types of diversification and is made with regard to how close the field of diversification is to the field of the existing business activities. Related Diversification occurs when a company adds to or expands its existing line of production or markets. For this assignment, consider a company of your choice. Assume your company opted to pursue a strategy of related diversification and respond to the following questions. Explain why company has chosen this related diversification (by referring attached related 1, related 2 and incorporate points from attached and elaborate) What industries or product categories could if diversify into that would allow it to achieve economies of scale? (refer attached related 3 and incorporate the points in attachment and elaborate) Identify at least two or three such industries or product categories? Describe the specific kinds of cost savings that might accrue from entry into each (by referring related -3 and incorporate the points as stated in attachment and elaborate) Incorporate our coursework (Thompson text and other material) from this week into your above responses. Submission Details: Your analysis should be 500 words or more. Incorporate a minimum of at least one course (Thompson text) and one non-course scholarly/peer-reviewed source in your paper and give the complete URL from where these references have been retrieved. All written assignments must include a cover page, introductory and concluding paragraphs, reference page, be double-spaced, and proper in-text citations using APA guidelines. Follow all the above points without even missing one point

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