Types of Economic Systems

Reaction Papers: You are expected to read all material and prepare a reaction paper of 1-2 full pages (min. 800 to 1200 words) for each reading assignment.  These papers should include a brief summary of the article (1-2 paragraphs) and then your analysis on the material and in particular how it relates to your life.  These are brief papers that first summarize the reading and then provide a space for you to reflect on how it relates to you personally or professionally. Topic 15: Economics & Politics Readings: Link… Ch. 17 Govt & Politics in Introduction to Sociology https://openstax.org/books/introduction-sociology-2e/pages/17-introduction-to-government-and-politics               Link…. Ch. 18 Work & the Economy in Introduction to Sociology https://openstax.org/books/introduction-sociology-2e/pages/18-introduction-to-work-and-the-economy LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1. Compare different types of economic systems. 2. Identify the components of change in the contemporary global economy. 3. Identify the different organizational components of the workplace. 4. Explain the conditions affecting diverse groups in the workplace. 5. Compare and contrast sociological theories of work. 6. Compare different types of political systems. 7. Define different forms of power and authority and the organization of bureaucracies. 8. Analyze patterns of political participation. 9. Comprehend the organization of the military as a social institution.

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