Types of Sustainable Housing

For this assignment, following APA style, please refer to ‘Guide to Case Analysis’ in the 3rd week under Case study 1.NOTE: CASE STUDY IS A COMPLETE ANALYSIS OF A SITUATION NOT MERELY ANSWERING A SET OF QUESTIONS Compare different types of sustainable housing solutions with appropriate use of technology (IoT)Watch the following Life Simplified with Connected Devices short video  https://youtu.be/NjYTzvAVozoAlso, watch This sort video about Future Homes https://youtu.be/CPH1sAY8VhgJo Szczepanska292 subscribersFuture HomesWatch laterShare

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Analyze the role of smart technology in providing a more convenient living environment to people at a reasonable price.  + You must describe your interpretation of smart lining as presented;+ You must analyze the cost, future, feasibility and styles that are applicable to ISL or Ecodomika-USA product/service portfolioCase Study RequirementResearch the information provided and submit your analysis paying specific attention to critical points (analysis) and strategic aspects associated with the case.Please use the upload button to submit your analysis.

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