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The Culture of the U.S. Air Force and Its Impact on a Mobile Training Team a) Read “The Culture of the U.S. Air Force and Its Impact on a Mobile Training Team ” in the textbook. (Pages 222-227) Although this article is about a cross-cultural situation experienced by the US Air Force, the issues raised here could certainly be encountered by any company venturing into a new global market. Indeed, cross-cultural competence is a vital component for success in any environment where two cultures interact in the workplace. b) Answer the following questions using your own words. Make sure your instructor can tell that you read the textbook information and it is utilized in your answers. 1. What are the major problems in this case in terms of cross-national cooperation and coordination? Discuss the problems evidenced before the mission, as well as those which arose during the mission itself. (Minimum 200 words) (10 points) 2. Identify and explain at least three lessons from this case that can be applied to any global business. What lessons does it teach that can be applied within an organization where multiple cultures are interacting, even if it is only operating in one country? (Minimum 200 words) (10 points) 3. What should an organization include in its training program for cross-cultural competence? (Minimum 100 words) (5 points) c) Use professional writing skills (5 points)

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