Understanding Personality Patterns

I have attached the instructions also I will provide a couple of slide example of what my professor is looking for these slides have been graded already, I’m just presenting these to give you an idea of what it should look like. These are the references that must be used : *Carbonell, M. (2008). How to solve the people puzzle: Understanding personality patterns [VitalSource e-book]. Uniquely You, Inc. SKU#: 1878948. France, K. & Weikel, K. (2014). Helping skills for human service workers: Building relationships and encouraging productive change (3rd ed.). Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas Publisher Inc. ISBN: 9780398081089. **Kendrick, A. (Director). (2008). Fireproof [Motion picture]. United States: Sony Pictures. ASIN: B001KEHAFI. Petersen, J. C. (2015). Why don’t we listen better? Communicating and connecting in relationships (2nd ed.). Portland, OR: Petersen Publications. ISBN: 9780979155956. Uniquely You, Inc. Leadership online profile: Professional expanded. Uniquely You Resources (Latest ed.). SKU#: 1879578. As you read the instructions you are allowed to use two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles Here is the information about me from the Uniquely You Report D-Dominating, Directing, Demanding, Determined, Decisive, Doing I-Inspiring, Influencing, Inducing, Impressing, Interactive, Interested in people S-Steady, Stable, Shy, Security-oriented, Servant, Submissive, Specialist C-Cautious, Competent, Calculating, Compliant, Careful, Contemplative. Graph 1: S-This is expected of me- Steady Specialist Graph 2:  S/C-This is me – Steady Competent  Positive Side of my personality type- People respect my loyalty and encouragement, I’m very patient with people, and I take my time and work hard to accomplish difficult tasks The negative side of my personality type: passivity and quietness, I often shy away from attention and don’t like to be in charge, I can be too soft Vision and Passion-Helping others and Serve with wisdom and knowledge Background Female 56 years old Grew up in a Christian home Divorce no kids Outgoing at times but mostly an introvert  Public School and College Determined and Independent Stubborn and Strong will Compassionate, Grateful, and Humble Involved in ministry and community services Please don’t use anything by Burley-Allen that is a no go. Again I will upload some examples along with the Rubric  This is worth 200 points this is my first time using your service  I’ve provided you with all the resources that will be used for this assignment this is why the total is seven

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