Understanding Sexual Identity and Orientation

Consider the role of diversity in childhood and adolescence and how individual characteristics of diversity could positively or negatively impact development and learning. Revisit your approved topic from Week 2, along with the resources developed throughout the course, as the focus of your paper. Consider the constituencies to which social change can be applied. Submit an 8- to 10-page paper on the topic approved in Week 2 using the resources developed in the course. Develop recommendations for professionals (e.g., teachers, counselors, social workers, or other professionals) who will be working with children or adolescents in a variety of capacities. Be sure to include the impact of the environment in which these professionals will be working (e.g., classroom setting, neighborhood, community mental health). Be sure to remember that any one characteristic does not operate in a vacuum. Therefore, include and discuss how other characteristics of diversity impact your main topic for this population.

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