Unemployment Problem

You are the general manager of the Glass Shop in Houston. This is a large retail and wholesale establishment that assembles windows for new construction and has 30 employees. It is now 1:00 pm and you just found out on the radio & TV that there are rioting people (primarily students) only one mile away but moving toward your store. There is anger against businesses because of the unemployment problem. The rioters are currently looting and damaging local businesses, setting fires, breaking windows, and looting merchandise. Apparently the rioters have already disabled community phone lines and cell phone towers. So far, no one has been seriously injured. You have about $500,000 in window inventory in the outside rear yard area that is fenced off. It cannot be quickly moved inside. Loss of this uninsured inventory would place the company in a serious financial situation. If inventory is left outside unattended it will probably be damaged. However, if your employees remain at work, the looters may not bother with your company, but then again you are not sure as they could be accidentally hurt. Employees park their cars inside the fence. If everyone leaves the store you suspect they will break in and damage the expensive inventory. You are not certain which of the scenarios will occur. You have only 30 minutes to make a decision. What will you do?

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