unethical practices

Exercise Content For our class final project I would like you to use and research a company of your choosing and it must be approved by me before you start working on it, You must research well the company you choose and find out their unethical practices, Your paper must include – A BRIEF history of the company Detailed description of any unethical practices current and past. What, if anything, was done by the company to correct those actions and the final outcome. Your personal opinion on the company and their practices. Remember you must choose a major company so that you can find enough material on it. Your paper must be 5 pages long minimum, EXCLUDING the Abstract page and the references page. Do not use websites such as Wikipedia. Use our library’s LIRN Databases a very good one is Proquest. Citations in the written text of the work and references at the end of the paper. Use APA 7 Format and I suggest you email your project to the Writing Lab before sending it to me, so that it can be proofread and corrected. Due on Sunday 08/16 midnight latest, no exceptions, MY NAME IS: Caroline Alves DE ARAUJO UNIVERSITY FLORIDA NACIONAL UNIVERSITY

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