Uneven Globalizations

1)      Overview: This project involves writing an essay, at least 1,250 words (approximately 5 pages), that focuses on uneven globalizations in a US or International city. The concept of uneven globalizations is most directly addressed in reading by Sharon Zukin, “A Tale of Two Globals: Pupusas and IKEA in Red Hook”. It’s also addressed in the reading by Kasinitz and Zukin, “Ghetto to Global”, most notably in the section on “Orchard Street”. Uneven globalizations refer to contrasting examples of globalization. In Zukin’s chapter on Red Hook, immigrant food vendors provide an example of working class globalization, while IKEA provides an example of corporate globalization. In Kasinitz and Zukin’s chapter on Orchard Street, high-end retail stores and restaurants provide examples a “global consumer aesthetic”, while the Chinese and Puerto Rican residents of the neighborhood provide examples of working class globalization. While the above readings provide contrasting examples of globalization within the same neighborhood, you are not limited to focusing on a single neighborhood. You can choose to focus on one example of globalization in one section of the metropolitan area and a contrasting example of globalization in a different section of the metropolitan area. 2)      2) Requirements:  An essay that is at least 1,250 words (approximately 5 pages) and focuses on uneven globalizations in a US or International city (see above). You should obtain information from at least 3 outside sources (see below). Outsides sources should be cited within the text and listed in a bibliography. You should relate the information you obtain to at least 5 course readings. Each of the 5 connections to course readings should be at least 4-7 sentences. Course readings should also be cited within the text and listed in a bibliography. Outside Sources: You need draw you information from at least 3 outside sources.   At least 2 of 3 outside sources must be text-based sources, 1 of the sources can be non-text based (i.e. – podcast, in-depth online news report, video) Examples of text based outsides sources: Newspapers, Documents from: Governments, Community Based Organizations, Think Tanks (reports, plans, policy, maps, quantitative data). All papers must utilize the following format: A) Font, Spacing, Margins: Time New Roman; 12 point; double space; 1-inch margins all around; no headers or footers; page number bottom, center. B) Appropriate in-text references and bibliography:  APA system: http://guides.lib.uw.edu/c.php?g=344197&p=2318299  APA or MLA: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/  C) Papers must be organized using section headings.

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