Unreliability of Human Reasoning

Choose one of the following options and write a 4-5 page paper that fully and coherently explores the topic, guided by a clear, unified, strong thesis. All papers should make specific reference to the works we have studied that are relevant to the prompt/topic chosen. Feel free to make reference to texts from earlier in the semester but make sure your focus is on a combination of “The Birth-Mark,” “Bloodchild,” and Annihilation, using the texts relevant to your topic. These prompts are meant as suggestions for directions one can go and need not be followed to the letter but rather used as jumping off points for one’s own exploration of the topic. Selectively quote from the texts to support your points. How do the various authors we have studied thus far explore the function of anxiety as a motivator for human activity in the world? What do you see as the main wellsprings of human anxiety? How do you think/feel our experience of being a body within the world shapes our ideas of how to live in the world and how do the course texts investigate this issue? How do the novel Annihilation and short story “Bloodchild” work through this issue? The Annihilation book is written by Jeff Vandermeer

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