Utilitarianism and Universalism in the Workplace

Furthermore, we are to discuss what potential concerns or drawbacks may present themselves if, in a hypothetical sense, the pilots whom we manage operated from either a utilitarianism or universalism perspective. Additionally, we are to discusses if these differences in perspective would raise any concerns or create barriers and, if so, how one would manage these challenges. As mentioned in our weekly class video as well as our text, Utilitarianism, “is based on an ancient Greek concept of happiness” (Cafferky, 2015, p.168); this includes areas such as self-fulfillment, enjoyment, pleasure, and realizing satisfaction (Cafferky, 2015). Form what I have been able to gather thus far, the idea behind Utilitarianism is aligned with the concept of the Golden Rule “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets” (NLT, Matthew 7:12). Additionally, drawing comparisons from previous week’s readings, this also seems to align with having true prosperity or the state of Shalom (Cafferky, 2015). As far as universalism goes, the idea is that “all humans everywhere have the same needs, the same drives to coexist and cooperate in peace” (Cafferky, 2015, p.182). I suppose this could be potentially be considered a biblical version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Mcleod, 2020), which places a priority on the basic needs each person looks to satisfy (Mcleod, 2020), the difference being the desire to exist harmoniously with each other in universalism. The business ethics version of universalism should not be confused with the theological belief or view of universalism, where it is believed that all persons will be saved and spend an eternity in heaven (Copan, 2019). To answer the final question regarding if I would have any concerns or if there would be any potential issues with the pilots whom I managed if they were to use either of these perspectives, nothing stood out to me. Looking at the basis of these perspectives, it would seem each of the pilots would look to reach a desirable level of self-satisfaction while living in a state of harmony and balance with their peers. Perhaps one potential issue with a skewed view of universalism would be an individual who veered away from the golden rule and looked to fill one’s needs selfishly in a narrow self-interest manor (Cafferky, 2015) and made no effort to help those around him or her. If that scenario was to present itself, and I was in a position of managing these pilots, I suppose I feel a respectful and professional face to face discussion in private would be a great starting point. This respectful meeting would allow me an opportunity to disclose the known issues with this individual while working together to find a reasonable solution and highlight the benefits of expanding one’s self-interest by looking to help others. I have no formal management experience and am just brainstorming over here. I look forward to seeing what other classmates would do in this situation and what steps can be taken as a leader to rectify the issues at hand. Please read the above discussion, After you read the post, continue the conversation. Do you agree or disagree with the above discussion? Explain why you feel this way. Consider your knowledge of the topic and add more depth to their post to continue the conversation. All responses should add to the conversation and further the dialogue. Remember that the goal of the Discussion Board is to not only share your thoughts, but also engage with your peers on the topic in a substantive way.

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