Value of Art Discussion

Explain the different ways that an art object can have value to the owner and others. For instance, an artwork might have precious materials, like gold, or be by a well-known artist. An artwork can also have very personal meaning to the owner that makes it have value beyond money. This assignment will encourage you to examine an object from different perspectives including the materials it is made from and its significance to you, as well as guide you to apply the concepts and vocabulary in the textbook. For the first part, discuss materials that add value to artwork (painting, sculpture, book illustration, furniture, etc.) in one well-developed paragraph, providing examples of at least 2 different artworks where artists used those materials.  Include photographs of the artworks (a screenshot will do).  Make sure to: Identify each artwork and artist; Utilize the key terms (words in bold and defined in the Key Terms section at the end of the chapter). For the second part of the discussion, choose an artwork or art-related object that belongs to you or your family. This might be a painting, drawing, ceramic object, sculpture, photograph (not a snapshot taken of family and friends). Ideally, the object would be handmade rather than purchased from a store and mass produced as decoration.  Choose one with personal value to you.  In one well-developed paragraph, describe the object in detail including how it was made, when you got it, and from where.  Make sure to explain the different factors that make the work valuable to you.

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