Value of Organization to Life

The journals are “Utopian Studies” and “Science and Society” the comments from two journals are on file I need help to incorporate all the reviewers comments in the manuscript The english of the paper should be improved Abstract This paper studies Marx’s vision of the future from an ethical perspective and evaluates their strength and discernibility over the times to come. Marx’s not expressing his ethical views explicitly, doesn’t mean that he didn’t develop ethics in his writings. Therefore, this paper divides Marx’s prophecy into three main stages of future communist society to answer his ethical possibilities, along with his utopian vision of the future. To explain the possibility of Marx’s utopian vision of future from an ethical perspective, this paper will also attempt to justify Marx’s ethics scientifically, often demonstrated by the concept of exploitation. Studying key theoretical fundamentals of Marxism as an ideal image of the future society, we may find that “Marxism” is based on dynamic ethical principles, which may last longer due to its universal appeal. Consequently, as a futurist, it seems quite appropriate to assess Marx’s utopian vision of the future from the perspective of ethics. As a final point, this paper, through debates and suggestions by some renowned futurists, will clarify the implications of Marxism with ethics for the future generation. Keywords: Marx; ethics; communist; utopian; future; society; futurists; Marxism

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