Vertical Merger

Read the document “How to Navigate a Vertical Merger after the AT&T and Time Warner Ruling”. The document highlights these three actions: · Document Why the Merger Is Pro-Competitive · Hire a Structural Economist to Provide Market Insight · Assess and Analyze the Merger’s Effect Abroad Then watch the video “The Amazon Empire”. Here is the youtube link if you need to be closed captioning: and here is the PBS link for more resources:  answer the following questions.  1. (A) How does Amazon use their organizational structure (think how they are structured in different industries) to justify their stance that they are not too big (i.e., their argument that they shouldn’t be broken up because they aren’t a monopoly)? Essentially, after watching the video, what do you think is their core argument against being a monopoly. (B) Do you agree with their argument? 2. What stage of moral development do you think Amazon prefers/operates (This is from Chapter 10, but if you aren’t that far just guess)? Do you think their moral reasoning/behaviors at this stage are sustainable?  Picture1 is for question 2. For more information on Vertical Merger read this:

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