Vice President of Operations Part 3

Paraphrase this PowerPoint (VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS PART 3), and make it cute please, less words, just in case i am uploading part 1 and 2 so you know and the explanation of what i need for part 3, thanks.Create a presentation in a common format (PowerPoint or a similar program) with a minimum of twenty (20) slides and corresponding speaker notes in which you:Determine which statistical technique you will employ to measure the quality characteristics of your organization. Provide examples to support the rationale.Analyze the current facility location, and then use the three-step procedure to determine a new location.Analyze the key concepts related to capacity planning and facility location for the new location.Examine the current work system design, and determine your organization’s selected feasibility in the job design (i.e., technical, economic, behavioral). Assess key elements of the rationale in the work design competitive advantage.Using the method analysis described in the textbook, defend the new change implementation process and the rationale for the change of method.

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