Using the Walden Writing Center APA Course Paper Template, write a 2 paper in which you: Explain whether the questions were interpreted by the interviewee as you intended them to be interpreted, based on the interviewee’s responses. Explain any revisions you would make to the interviewing questions to make them clearer and more effective. If no revisions are necessary, explain why. Reflect on your interview and how you could improve. Consider the following regarding emotional intelligence (EI): What did you do well? What could be improved? How could you improve your EI? Scenario that was used is Sexual Assault against a female. One pro is that we work well together and one con is that we ware nervous. We conduct the video portion already.These are the interview questions that were used for the videoINTERVIEW FOR A VICTIM OF SEXUAL ASSAULT question1. Can you brief us about where did the assault happen?2. Can you please elaborate on the details prior to the attack?3. Were you alone or accompanied by friends or someone else?4. Was the offender alone or with friends?5. Are you acquainted with the sexual offender in any way?6. Are there any witnesses who could testify the assault?7. Is it true that the drugs were involved, were you intoxicated?8. Was the sexual offender under the influence of alcohol?9. Did you resist the attack physically by pushing, kicking, or any other way?10. Did you verbally try to stop the offender?11. Brief us about what happened after the attack?12. Were you carrying any defensive weapon to protect yourself?13. Do you know anything related to the offender?14. Can you describe the offender’s physical appearance in detail?15. Did the offender have any weapon to terrorize you into the act?16. Brief us the chronology of the sexual assault?17. How has the assault affected you mentally?18. Did the offender ejaculate? Inside you or outside?19. Were there multiple attempts of assault or not?20. How has the assault emotionally and physically impacted you?21. Are you facing any difficulties while settling back into life for example at work?22. Any other information you would like us to know?

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