Visual Basic.NET Project

Develop a Windows Forms app to calculate and display used computer charges based on CPU cost, monitor cost, and additional costs such as an optional yearly maintenance and a warranty. All sales must include a tax of 6.25%. CPU and monitor models are to be selected from a ComboBox control (model names can be added based on what is currently in inventory). Optional charges such as a yearly maintenance fee of $250 or a warranty of $125.00 can be added to the purchase. Final charges should display what CPU and monitor was selected and the cost, any additional optional charges, subtotal, sales tax, and total charges. These charges should not be able to be changed by the user. Visual Basic Topics and Control Objects: Windows Form, Variable and Data Types, Data Assignment, Conditional Statements, Checkbox Control, Group Box Control, ToolTip Control, Button Control, TextBox Control, PictureBox control, Label Control , MessageBox, exception handling

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