Visualizing the Lifespan

this a discussion questions to answer as paragraphs. each questions most answer in order . question 1 and question 5 is referring to the book which can be read online as PDF for answers . book description is “ Tanner, J.L., Warren, A.E.A., & Bellack, D. (2015). Visualizing the Lifespan, Wiley. ” the book pdf can be useful as reference . 1. After carefully studying the information in chapter 1, especially the research by Baltes, answer this question: As you move closer to your professional goals in life, what is gained and what is lost as a person makes the transition from student to worker? Draw upon the research to address this topic. 2. How do sleep needs change over the lifespan? Define adolescent sleep phase delay. If you were in charge of creating educational policies in your school district, what changes would you want to institute? What changes do you think would be feasible? 3. Discussion on Aging: View the TED talk on aging and the Blue Zones Beuttner has identified. What are some of the factors Buettner has observed to be correlated with living to 100 years? Which of these are elements that can be easily incorporated into your life and which cannot? If you could design an ideal town or living community, which factors would you want to incorporate? 4. Describe exactly what role nutrition and physical activity play in our cognitive, social and emotional development throughout the lifespan. What can you do to improve the health and well-being of yourself and others in your family? 5. After studying chapter 13, describe the changes that occur in midlife as a result of the aging process. What are some of the daily tasks that adults may find more difficult as they experience decreases in brain volume during middle adulthood. What are some ways adults can compensate for these losses? 6. Describe what you enjoyed most about this course and then explain what you would suggest be changed. Please be specific and thank you for this information! (I can always email the pdf book if that’s not a problem for reference)

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