1.  Compare voting rates in the United States with those in Europe.  Why are they typically lower in the United States?  Then compare community participation rates in the US with those in Europe.  Why are they usually higher in the US?  

2.  Why are elections conducted so differently in the United States than in Europe?  Why are American campaigns more expensive and more candidate centered? 

3.  Explain the difference between proportional representation and single-member districts as methods of electing candidates to office. Why is the first method more likely than the second to foster a multiparty system? 

4.  Many Americans complain about the reliance upon two parties in the United States, while some countries have many parties.  However, while these same countries tend to have many parties, those parties tend to be heavily focused on a single group or set of issues.  For instance, many European countries have a green party that focuses on the environment, while Israel has religious parties that represent groups such as ultra-orthodox Jews.  American parties are different in that they tend to be broad coalitions of various groups.  Which system makes more sense to you and why?

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