Vulnerable Population Education

Pick a vulnerable population, for example- elderly, chronically ill, homeless, migrant workers etc. ID the education intervention you want to educate the population on, for example, hand washing, mask-wearing, social distancing etc Pick a community organization that you could collaborate with to provide that education for example, a nursing home, a homeless shelter etc. Decide how you would present the educational intervention, for example, a poster, a powerpoint presentation Vulnerable Population Education Develop an evidence-based COVID-19-related community-based education intervention project. Describe an education intervention to improve the vulnerable population’s health outcomes. Explain the rationale for the education intervention you chose, as well as how you anticipate the education intervention will improve health outcomes for the vulnerable population.  Identify a community organization that serves the vulnerable population. Describe how interprofessional collaboration with the community organization will facilitate the delivery of the educational intervention. Discuss methods or approaches you propose to deliver the education intervention and how you will measure whether the education was effective. (Education materials and evaluation plan will be submitted in Week 4.) Examples of education that might be delivered include the following:  Staff training on COVID-19 policies for community-based organizations serving vulnerable populations Creating COVID-19-related health education materials for a vulnerable population served by a community-based organization Individual Project Rubric

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