Wages and Inequality

Select one of the following topics for this assignment:What are globalization’s effects on wages and inequality, on social safety nets, on production, and on innovation?The purpose of a policy position presentation is to generate support for an issue. It describes a position on an issue and the rationale forthatposition. In writing about this issue, you must examine your opinion of the issue critically. Prior to creating your policy position presentation, define and limit your issue carefully. Use the Internet to research your issue thoroughly. Consider feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and political or social climate when evaluating possible solutions and courses of action.InstructionsInclude the following sections in your policy position presentation:Introduction (identification of the issue and statement of the position).Body (supporting research and presentation of both sides of the issue).Conclusion (summarize the main issue and suggest policy actions or alternatives).Create a 7–10 slide presentation in which you do the following:Provide a brief overview of your selected issue.Use statistical evidence to support your position, and validate your position with peer-reviewed references.Examine the major strengths and major weaknesses of each issue.Identify the stakeholders.Evaluate the effectiveness of two possible solutions and suggest two courses of action.Supply a narrative in the Notes section of each information slide describing what you would say if you were presenting in person.Provide at least three reliable, relevant, peer-reviewed references that support the presentation’s claims.

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