War and Politics

Throughout the term, you have studied events that shaped the history of the United States. To demonstrate your understanding of U.S. history from the Reconstruction to the modern era, choose one of the thematic essays below. You will write a paper detailing your answer. Instructions: • Choose one of the following essay choices: * Immigration – Compare the geographical trends and tensions surrounding the issue of immigration and the United States government response to these tensions for the years 1880 to 1925 and 2000 to the present day. * Technology – Analyze the impact of technology on society and politics in the 1920s, 1950s, and 2000s. In what ways was the effect on society and politics in each of these time periods similar and different? * War and Politics – Compare and contrast the post-World War I Red Scare, the post-World War II anticommunism campaign, and the war on terrorism after the Iraq War and September 11th. What effect did fear have on political decisions, elections, and domestic/foreign policies? • Include an introduction with a thesis statement, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Requirements: –       The paper should be 3-5 written pages, excluding title and reference page. –    There should be at least 5 reputable sources included in the paper. –    APA format, including an in-text citation for referenced works.

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