Wearable Wishes

*Prepare a document that summarizes your preliminary evaluation of how and why Wearable Wishes can compete with the threat that Zara poses to its U.S. market base. *In doing so, list and explain how two other topics we have discussed in this course (for example, ethics, risk management, transfer pricing, segment reporting, differential analysis, product costing, activity-based costing, target costing, value chain analysis, cash flow analysis, budgeting, information technology, and data analytics) apply to the case. *Use specific details from the case to support your answers. *Your submission should be no more than 2 double-spaced pages, 12 point font and 1″ margins. *Your analysis should incorporate full-sentences/paragraphs (i.e., no bulleted lists) and should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. *Make sure to include an introductory and concluding paragraph

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