Website Evaluation

Listed below are sets of competitor websites. Research each of the following groups of companies by going to each websites to compare and contrast each set.  For each group, discuss 1) which one you like best, 2) how effective their website communicates an overall message, 3) likes and dislikes about the layout, design, etc. and 4) who the audience for each set of companies (who are they speaking to).  Revlon ( vs. FENTY ( B. Hunt ( vs. YRC freight ( Google Flights ( vs. KAYAK (   You will be graded according to the following: Description of the Website (one paragraph minimum per website) – up to 30 points Evaluation/Analysis of the Integration (one paragraph minimum per website) – up to 40 points Style/Grammar (do not need to cite websites but do need to cite/reference any outside sources mentioned) – up to 30 points

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