Wells Fargo

Case Study Topic: Wells Fargo: New Accounts / late fee charges issues Points need to be covered: Case Study Background – How did the ethical issue unfold and evolve identity the Main Characters Ethical Issues: describe the type of issue(s), i.e, personal, organizational, industry, social/cultural)What was the ethical issue outcome? Could this have been avoided? How? Conclude with recommendations that could have been effective to remedy the problems in the handling of the case.CONTENT: Total 6 pages word documentation (APA format) (excluding title and references page) –6 references20 slides (APA format) (excluding title page and references pages) –6 references Mandatory to follow: PowerPoint presentation should use graphics to convey key concepts and have slide citations. Use the notes section of PowerPoint to elaborate on key points. For more information read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wells_Fargo

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