I have to write a 500-word Discussion on The meaning of Political.   What is political? Using the course textbook, the film below, any additional sources, and personal experiences we will work together to construct a definition of the term “political”. We hear the term thrown around all the time, but what does it really mean? Have you ever heard of the phrase “the personal is political”? Let’s take this deep dive together to construct a linguistic foundation for our course.  Chapter 1  https://openstax.org/books/american-government-2e/pages/1-1-what-is-government It will be nice if you can bring up the current problem with the BLM movement, women’s rights. Respond directly to the prompt.  Reference the course textbook in the body of your response.  Provide a minimum of 500 words. The prompt https://youtu.be/Zkfg2cdX844

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