William Shakespeare

This assignment is based on the novel Hamlet: Second Norton Critical Edition by William Shakespeare and edited by Robert S. Miola. Pay close attention to when one scene starts and ends so that you know exactly where you are, and this will make the citing accurate. When it comes to citing… *** Your response must incorporate direct evidence from the text, formatted in MLA style. When citing from Hamlet, list ACT, SCENE, and LINE(s), separated by periods, enclosed in parentheses (page numbers not included), at close of quoted sentence. Example: In stating “Frailty, thy name is woman,” Hamlet emphasizes his anger and disgust with his mother over her hasty marriage to his father’s brother (I. 2.146).**** I will list 2 question options for you to choose from. Please pick the one you feel the most comfortable with and that you are confident you can write the absolute best on, properly written. After reading the full PDF and exploring the 2 options, select one of the following two options, and respond in TWO DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHS. MAKE SURE TO BACK UP your statements with specific evidence (quotes) from the text and follow with a thorough analysis. The response must be VERY proper written with heavy analysis. It must be university-level writing. Professional writing. Select one of the following two choices and RESPOND TO ALL QUESTIONS IN THAT CERTAIN OPTION IN TWO DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHS Option 1) a. In Act 4, scene 5, Ophelia is considered to have gone insane by those who witness the shift in her character, causing her brother Laertes, newly arrived from his travels, to remark,”…is’t possible that a young maids wits/Should be as mortal as a poor man’s life?” (IV.5.159-160). What are her symptoms? Read sections in Act IV, scene 5 where she appears carefully, making sure to check the annotations at the bottom of the page regarding symbolism and double-meanings of words. Do you feel there may be substance in her ramblings/actions? Select significant quotes from Ophelia and analyze. What might she be suggesting in her words/songs? What is your view of her “madness,” and what may have pushed her “over the edge”? (*Ophelia appears twice in this scene: lines 21-72 and lines 161-192) Option 2) Act IV, scene 4, opens with young Fortinbras ordering the captain of his army to meet with King Claudius to request permission to march over his Danish kingdom, in order for Fortinbras’ army reach Poland and engage in battle. Hamlet then runs into the same captain who admits to Hamlet that Norway may be battling to “…gain a little patch of ground /That had in it no profit but the name” (IV.4.18-19). Closely analyze Hamlet’s following soliloquy (lines 32-67). What are his currents thoughts on his mission of revenge? How might he be comparing himself to Fortinbras? How specifically does Hamlet admonish himself? What does he seem to view as his own greatest character flaw? Does he seem to reach any decision by the end of this soliloquy? Please read the full pdf first with all the scenes before choosing with option to tackle. Make sure that whatever option you choose, ALL ASPECTS OF IT ARE THOROUGHLY ANSWERED. Please use GOOD quotes to back up your words and make sure there is a strong analysis and that it is written in a scholarly way. CITE THE QUOTES ACCORDINGLY AS EXPLAINED ABOVE. Thank you so very much, appreciate it a bunch. I have attached fully acts 1, 2 as well just in-case you need it. This assignment however is focused on act 4.

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