Williams Sonoma Company SWOT Analysis

Step 1: Select a U.S. public company with operations in your local area. A US public company  which is Williams Sonoma. Positive income for the last three years Positive total stockholders’ equity for the last three years Operations in Kansas – and nationwide in many areas. Step 2: Research the company. Read about your company from at least two sources: 1. You must obtain the SWOT Analysis from Marketline for your company. Step 3: Visit the store — or browse its website Step 4: Gather information through an interview, webcast, or podcast. Choose one of the alternatives below: A) Interview: B) Company quarterly earnings webcast. C) Retail outlook webcast Step 5: Write a report that will put together your sources of information about the company to communicate your insight into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your company’s operations. Remember that you can support your discussion with quotes from your sources, but any quotes must be documented with inline references and a reference list.

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