Women and Power in Ancient World

To get a passing score : choose two potential research topics that should be identified. Each contains a possible research question that is focused in scope and of relevance to this course( Women and power in Ancient World) . Research questions focus on exploring the HOW or WHY of an issue and identify at least one relevant primary source and one relevant secondary for each research question.   These are the 2 potential topics for final paper 1.    How might the advent of monotheism have restricted female power, especially religious power? 2.    Compare and contrast women’s access to power in two ancient cultures, analyzing the similarity/difference through an examination of one of the following: political structure, law codes, religious systems, etc. – choose any two ancient cultures, analyze the similarity/ difference through the following and make it into a potential topic.   # For each potential topic, I will be expecting 1) a working research question that is revised and fully developed, specific and focused, addresses a topic of relevance, and addresses the HOW and/or WHY, 2) a primary source, 3) a secondary source. Then List your working research question and then provide an annotation of a secondary source you plan to use in your paper. Make sure you summarize the argument in your annotation, and then address whether or not you agree with the scholar(s) conclusion and why. As you evaluate the source, think about how the author(s) engage data, what the main argument is, and whether you agree with it or not and why. You will then need to address how this will aid in your final project in at least 250 words. In 250 words or more  This week you were presented with a new model on how a society’s subsistence strategy might factor in to the creation of gender inequality. Where does gender inequality come from? How is it perpetuated?  Here are some potential questions to help you frame your response: Do you agree that subsistence strategy is an important factor to examine when studying the sources of power in a society? How might hunting have led to men in power? What about the role of agriculture in inhibiting women from gaining power? Do you find this believable?

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