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I would like for you to write it as a regular paper. Put yourself in Bill’s shoes. You are starting a business at home, any business. What technology will you need to work from home or have a business from home? What do you need to operate your business? What kind of hardware would you need- computer, etc? What kind of software will you need? Will you have to do spreadsheets or write documents? What cloud technology/ mobile technology will you need? Will you send emails? Will you have a backup in the cloud? What kind of training do you need? Do you need to know how to use accounting software, use Excel, or even the Operating System? What type of operating system will you use- Windows, Linux, etc? Will you need security on the computer to keep from getting viruses? How much will those things cost individually and then give a total cost? Think about what you have at home now that you are using that allows you to work from home or go to school from home. Apply that to this assignment. Most importantly, provide the name of the items and justify it. If it is a computer, what kind, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, give some details about it and don’t forget to include the price. If you look up the items online you should see the description and cost to it as well. Everyone’s answers are different. This is your opinion on the items you choose. Just make sure you are detailed, justified, and cover all the components. I hope this helps. Also, watch the video if you have not already. The reading material and instructor notes also provide some of the info.

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