Workplace Communication

Instruction Highlights: Please use our textbook (chapters 9-11 – provided) as a reference and as an in-text citation. Full instruction: Devito, Shimoni, and Clark (2016) assert that “while the principles of communication are similar in both personal and work settings, workplace communication presents a unique set of challenges” (p. 233). Many types of diversity, as well as different goals, temperaments, and working styles, can contribute to negative communication between individuals in the workplace. To prepare for the group discussion, answer each of the following questions regarding your experience of negative workplace communication: 1. Reflect on your previous work experience. What went wrong in communication at work? Provide specific details of this incident. (For those who don’t have any work experience, reflect on what communication obstacles you anticipate in your future workplace.) (150 words, 9 marks) 2. Explain and apply three textbook concepts from Chapters 9-11 (three concepts in total) to explain the possible causes of this negative workplace communication. (150 words, 9 marks) 3. When you participate in the group discussion activity, what concepts or communication skills from any chapter of the textbook will be important when you share your own experience and respond to other group members’ stories? Why? (150 words, 9 marks) Format your document in APA style. Be sure to include in-text citations if you refer to a concept or quote or paraphrase any material from your source. Please consider the healthcare facility workplace in this assignment.

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