World Literature

Select one (1) of the scenes listed and write an essay of at least 500 words answering the questions below. It should be12pt font and double-spaced. In addition to the story/play from the textbook, you must utilize at least one (1) critical work (meaning, you will have to research your topic), either about the author or the text itself (historical or critical).  Use MLA in-text citations and you must include a Works Cited (at minimum, it will have two (2) citations: the story/play you’re discussing and the outside source you used for your study).Who is the protagonist in this scene? Is there an antagonist?How does this scene contribute to the rest of the plot? Does it change the lives of the characters involved? How so?What does this scene reflect about the culture from which the story is written?Is there a theme in this scene? If so, what is it?Joseph’s brothers arrive in Egypt to get famine relief,Genesis 42, The Hebrew BibleOdysseus has a confrontation with the Cyclops, Polyphemus, Book 9,The OdysseyJason faces Medea for the first time after she is exiled,lines 438-645, MedeaShahrayar and Shahzaman encounter a woman and a sleeping demon, pages 605-06, The Thousand and One Nights Beowulf fights with Grendel, lines 662-835,Beowulf

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