write an analytic essay

This assignment is to write an analytic essay, from one of the prompts listed below. Analytic, in this context, means an objective, neutral, argumentative style —that attempts to present the issue persuasively, through the absence of a personal conjecture. 12pt font, double-spaced, 6-7 Full pages. Select one prompt: Considering T.S. Eliot’s argument from “Tradition and Individual Talent,” how would Franklin Foer frame Eliot’s view, in relation to his own stance in “Death of the Author.” That is, given Foer’s concerns for contemporary culture, in terms of valuing authorship and individuality, how would he incorporate Eliot’s view of how traditions develop, in light of what he is arguing. In Lionel Trilling’s “Art and Neurosis,” he highlights various features connecting the mental health of the artist to their realized work. In your essay, take a stand on his argument, drawing from core concepts he forwards. Then, support your reading with a historical example, which details and substantiates the thesis you have proposed. Given T.S. Eliot’s thesis from “Tradition and Individual Talent,” how would he frame and interpret Sontag’s argument in “American, Seen Through Photographs, Darkly.” That is, use Eliot’s view of the way tradition develops and transforms, to communicate what Arbus accomplished artistically. In Kahneman’s piece, “Intuitions vs Formulas,” he draws a clear demarcation between these two approaches to critical judgment. In your essay, make the case that a given domain is using one approach, rather than the other–to the detriment of the overall practice. That is, in what context do you think that a formulaic approach is being utilized, when an intuitive one would be more justified; or conversely, in what area is a more intuitive approach presupposed, when in fact a formula would be distinctly advantageous? Anton Chekhov has said that the responsibility of the author is the following: the proper presentation of the problem. Given Chekhov’s definition, unpack the problem that Paul Schrader presents in his story Taxi Driver. That is, what are the psychological factors, the concrete realities, that underpin the action of the characters, which reverberate within the larger cultural elements and patterns? Given the experiences Travis has had, and continues to have, what argument can be made about the environment and the individual–the city and the psyche? Broadly, in your argument, pinpoint and analyze the non-fiction framework that constitutes the narrative. For support, draw from minimally three course readings, in addition to any other texts of your choosing. This assignment needs to follow the traditional analytic template. You need to have an introduction that will state any article’s name, authors, the particular issues of the body paragraphs. Then, in terms of the body, the first sentence should introduce the concept; the second should contextualize the quote; next incorporate the actual quote; this should be followed by an in-depth explanation of the meaning of the quote—why it is significant in relation to the stated concept. Finally, transition to the next supporting concept. Be sure to have a conclusion as well.

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