Writing Diagnostic

1) Time yourself -30 Minutes 2) Free write- don’t worry about perfect grammar.  3) Spend some time before you start to think about your content/what you plan to write.  4) Points: 10 5) Due: Friday Writing Prompt: A) Self Audit- Take some time to write about/explore your skills, experiences, clubs, organizations, internships, jobs, volunteer work, class projects. Where did you add the most value? What are you passionate/excited about in business/marketing/finance/entrepreneurship, non-profit, NGO, etc? If you don’t have this type of experience, discuss what you would be interested in, given the opportunity.  B) Immediate Environment- Discuss what is going on in our current social, political, economic, global environment.  What industries/sectors are thriving? Which is contracting? Which is dying? Why? C) Connect A + B. How you take your skills, experience, passion, and effectively engage and connect with what is happening (See B)  in your immediate environment.  Take your time and Good luck!

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