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Now that you have read “So Your Instructor is Using Contract Grading…” and “Shitty Rough Drafts,” I want you to read one last text before I ask you to write your first essay, an initial writing sample that demonstrates your relationship and knowledge of writing. Again, because we are using a grading contract in this class I don’t want you to worry about being docked points for any mistakes (you aren’t being given points for your assignments anyway). I just want you to do your best to demonstrate what you know about writing a formal academic essay in this first formal academic essay.  Your essay will be written in response to the prompt posted under “Files” on canvas titled “Curriculum as Conversation Writing Sample Prompt”. In this essay I want you to do the following: -Demonstrate what you know or recall about MLA Formatting. -Type this essay on your word processing program (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Pages). This essay should be at least 1 full page (to be safe SPILL INTO THE 2nd PAGE), typed, double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, and it must be saved as a Microsoft Word format document.  This essay is due posted as an attached Microsoft Word document reply to this Canvas Assignment thread

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