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My own writing is Consider the animal’s performance. The prompt of this essay is imitating Wallace’s Consider the lobster. For this assignment, it is asking to write a style memo for my essay. drafting your Style Memo for Essay. Describe which of Wallace’s style moves that you tried to imitate in your own essay. writing in Claim/Evidence/Warrant paragraph( this is important): Following your own description of his moves, argue what effect you think they had on the audience, message, or overall purpose. Quote from his essay. the, it’s time to think about your own imitation. How did you try to imitate Wallace? What writing moves did you make? Why did you make them? What effect did you want them to have on your reader? This is the part of the assignment when you have to Evaluate Evidence from your essay. Pull quotes from your essay to support your argument about the writing choice and its effect on your writing. How did it influence your audience, message, or overall writing purpose?   the Style Memo should argue which TWO writing moves you think had the largest effect on Cadogan’s readers and your readers. Don’t forget to explain WHY you think so. writing in Claim/Evidence/Warrant paragraph( this is important): 1. the claims in a sophisticated rhetorical analysis will build on one another.  In this class, your claims need to be Specific, Arguable, and Original.  Writing ab 800 words  http://www.columbia.edu/~col8/lobsterarticle.pdf  For more information on Writing Style read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Writing_style

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