You were asked to view a video on Rodney King. Now reflect on what you saw in that video. What do you believe was the reason for Rodney King being beaten? Was the beating a legitimate use of force? If not, should there have been punishment to all the offi

Students will create a weekly reflection paper.  The paper must be 500-750 words (one to two pages in length) and follow APA format. You are free to state a well-informed personal opinion if based on the readings, personal knowledge, training, or experience. Objectively justify or defend any statements made that are not expressly supported by the text and cite any other resources using the APA style. You must incorporate related information from cited Scholarly Journals or Referenced Articles in your Reflection Paper, in addition to the course text. The textbook may not be the sole reference for the assignment. The Saint Leo Online Library is an excellent resource for scholarly journals or referenced articles.

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