Young Adulthood

Young Adulthood begins with the individual being on the verge of attaining several major life tasks.  By the end of the Young Adulthood period, the individual should have successfully attained: Work: Higher Education, Obtaining a Job, Developing a sense of work ethic and your place in the workforce Independent Living: Dorm-life, Find an apartment, buy a home, merge finances with marriage, support spouse and children Marriage: Form intimate relationships, make a commitment, find a life-partner Child Rearing: bearing and raising children What happens to the development of the Young Adult if these life tasks are not attained?  Include a discussion of how the development will be affected by not attaining these life tasks with respect to the developmental theorists discusses in your class notes and text (K.Warner Schae, Erikson, Levinson, and Sternberg).  Also, include a discussion of current economic or societal reasons as to why Young Adults may not be achieving these life tasks?  Use APA citations for all resources used; including your course text.   3 pages For more information on Young Adulthood read this:

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