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STRUCTURING YOUR CRITIQUE/REVIEW Your written review will need to be AT LEAST five typed, double-spaced pages, 12PT font.  A GOOD RULE IS A PAGE PER ANSWER.   You MUST support your opinions with specific examples from the performance.  Please organize your review using the following guidelines.   Paragraph 1—The Script.  Comment on the text of the musical as a work of literature.  Was it of merit to produce?  Was it interesting and appropriate for the audience in attendance?  What particular theme(s) did the work address?   Do not summarize the plot or re-tell the story of the play.   Paragraph 2—Design Elements.  Consider the costumes, lighting, set, and sound.  Did the design of these elements contribute to the overall quality of the production?  Did they help you better understand the environment, location, theme, subject matter, etc?  How could the design elements be improved?     Paragraph 3—Acting.  Were the characters believable within the world of the musical?  Were you able to hear and understand lines of dialogue clearly?  Did the actors react and respond accordingly to the situations and events of the musical?  Who was your favorite performer?  Why?  Which performer could use the most improvement?  What could they do to get better?  Use specific examples from the performance to support your opinions.   Paragraph 4—Directing.  Did the director use movement patterns (blocking) that supported the action in each scene?  Did all of the different elements of the theatrical event (design, acting, blocking, etc.) contribute to the overall effectiveness of the show?  Did the performance run smoothly and professionally?    Paragraph 5—Audience Response.  What was your overall reaction to the musical?  Was it enjoyable, moving, funny, thought-provoking, and/or engaging? Have you overheard anyone comment about the musical?  Were you familiar with the music?  Would you recommend this musical to a friend?  Do you think that the musical would have had a different effect on you if you could see it live?  Why or Why not?

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